Welcome to the Gentleman & Lady Archers of Darlington

Welcome to the Gentleman & Lady Archers of Darlington

We are a growing club, and have members of all ages, and from many different backgrounds, and we all take a pride in our archery. Several of our members compete regularly in competitions throughout the country, whilst others have taken up archery with the club for purely recreational reasons. Whatever your reason for wishing to pursue archery, you will find all of the help and support that you need, and we hope you will consider joining our club.

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the club, and we do our best to help and guide newcomers to the sport. Though I say "sport", archery is more of a discipline, really. It challenges you. The great thing about it is that you learn, not only about the discipline of archery, but also a bit more about yourself.

We welcome individuals of all ages and status. And we allow all bow types with the exception of the crossbow. GNAS, the UK's governing body for archery, cover us for insurance, and we are bound to their rules and codes of conduct.


For newcomers to the sport we run a beginners' course, which will give you the necessary skills to develop your archery in a safe and enjoyable way, and we encourage everyone to at least have a go!

The original club started in 1758 so next year the club will officially be 260years old! While honouring our history we offer a modern, friendly, environment to practice archery.

To shoot with us you must hold a current Archery GB membership and you must produce your membership card when you arrive. If you are not an Archery GB member you need to complete a beginners course with a qualified coach before you can apply for Archery GB membership. We offer courses between April and September each year. Spaces are always at a premium so if you would like to join a course we suggest you get in touch as soon as possible as we always have a waiting list.

If you just want to have a go at archery without completing the course we recommend you contact Inclusion Archery in Darlington.

Contact information
Contact Andrew Bamber
Email secretary@darlingtonarchery.co.uk

Email link to secretary@darlingtonarchery.co.uk

Between April and September we meet at Blackwell Meadows
Wed & Fri 6pm - dusk
Sat mornings 10am
Sun afternoons 1.30pm
From October to March we currently meet indoors at Inclusion Archery's range in Darlington.
Fri evenings 6pm
Location Pitch 4
150m x 25m Shooting zone
Plus 25m Safe zone for archers, equipment and spectators
External links
Inclusion Archery www.inclusionarchery.co.uk